August 02, 2016

Meanwhile in the studio..


My favourite way of working  is to have all my inspirational finds and elements within my reach.

At a glance you can see my bench is scattered with multiple projects in progress. Next to those you might find a seed pod, a scrap of fabric and anything else that might take my fancy on a particular day. My style of working is much like an artist creating through intuition and play. Having initially gone to art school this became the creative process that worked best for me. 

Some people have a fixed idea for a design and even draw it out first. I tend to move elements around to get ideas or build on an idea that has formed in my head. Every piece is held up or tried on before I complete it to make sure it complements the body and is comfortable to wear.

Anyway I just thought my bench would be a good place to introduce you to my work. Keep posted for my next blog where I will post some photographs of my next design and its step by step progression!