"I have been buying Madeleine's creations since 2006 and have been delighted with each piece. They are works of art to be worn. The added bonus for me is that she is happy to create earring designs which are suitable to be adapted to clips as I don't have pierced ears."

Anne Satchell

"Most days I am wearing at least one piece of Madeleine's jewelry. I have a handful of Madeleine's cards, as i have often been asked for her contact details - especially when I wear my Kasbah necklace. I really love my less conspicuous pieces too, because they always work and "finish off" what I'm wearing."

Libby Watson

"What I would say is that I can always find something different when I buy a piece of jewellery from you. I love that when I have asked you to create a new piece I have in mind it turns out exactly as I imagined...if not better!"

Michele Pezzutti

"Madeleines' creations stand like a beacon in a gaudy world of "Glitz, Sparkle and Bling". Beautiful, unique and original. Every piece is a work of art to be cherished."

Wayne M. Lazarides

"I've been collecting Madeleine's pieces for over ten years now and it's impossible to say which I love the most. Is it the beautiful resin and silk ring that was my first purchase? Or the gorgeous silver flower choker?  Or perhaps the gold, bronze and silver one-off necklace?  I have so many of her creations and yet you would think each of them were from a different artist; its like having my own personal jeweller!  I'll keep coming back to Madeleine's work because she is always finding new inspiration that she transforms into exquisite pieces of art I can wear."

Michelle Dodd